80:80 rule for better tasting green tea

Have you wondered why green tea sometimes tastes bitter compared to black tea?  Green tea leaves are in fact highly susceptible to being burned, compared to black tea leaves.  So placing your green tea in boiling water, and then letting it steep for a long time, can in fact be contributing to that bitter taste you associate with green tea.

To create a better tasting cup of green tea, simply follow Tetley's 80:80 rule: - 80 degrees - steep your green tea bag or leaves in 80 degree water, not boiling.  Two ways you can do this - either stop the kettle before it reaches boiling point, or simply let it come to a boil,, but then add a splash (maybe 1 tablespoon) of cold water to your teacup before adding the tea bag.

- 80 seconds - only steep your green tea bag for 80 seconds or less.  You'll still enjoy all the benefits you expect from your green tea, but without the bitterness.

And of course, Tetley has a wide range of green teas that you can enjoy using this rule - whether you are looking for flavours, the fresh taste of 100% steamed, or decaffeinated green teas

Try our 80:80 rule for yourself, and see if it helps!  We'd love to hear from you on our Facebook page after you give our recommendation a try, or if you have any other tips for making a better tasting cuppa! 
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