Mango & Turmeric Cold Infusions

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Mango & Turmeric Cold Infusions

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Give your water a refreshing twist!

Quench your thirst with the delicious flavour of our Mango & Turmeric fruit and herbal infusion.

Specially created to be brewed in cold water, our pyramid infusers are simply a blend of fruit pieces, herbs & natural flavours.

Enjoy in a glass, jug or drop it in your water bottle for on-the-go!

Naturally caffeine free.

No added sugar or sweeteners.

No artificial colours

No artificial  flavours

No preservatives

Ingredients: White hibiscus, apple pieces, natural flavours, roasted chicory root, sweet blackberry leaves, turmeric (5%), citric acid, mango fruit granules (1.5%)

Nutritional Information

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