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Tetley Immune Super Infusions


The delicious flavour of our Tetley Immune Super Infusions will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over! Created by our master blenders, the combination of juice lemon & warming ginger with the added perk of natural Vitamin C will soothe and comfort. So go on, pop the kettle on and raise a cup to good health.

✓ Vitamin Sourced from a Natural Ingredient

✓ Vitamin Survives Hot Water

✓ No Vitamin Taste

Ingredients: Rosehip, White Hibiscus, Apple, Ginger Root (9.8%), Orange Peel, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Natural Flavouring, Liquorice, Ginger Oil, Amla Extract(2.2% - Natural source of Vitamin C), Lemon Peel (1%).

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information