How much caffeine is in tea?

Caffeine levels in a cup of black tea are lower than that of a cup of coffee, mostly due to the fact that less tea is used per serving than coffee. In a 190mL cup of black tea, there is approximately 50mg of caffeine, or half of what coffee contains. Green tea has about 33mg of caffeine, or two-thirds the amount of a cup of black tea. 

As a caffeine-free alternative, our Fruit & Herbal infusions are made of fruits, herbs, flowers and flavourings, not tea leaves, so are naturally caffeine-free. Redbush or red teas are also naturally caffeine-free, as the South African plant they are harvested from is not a tea plant. 

Tetley has multiple caffeine-free alternatives, including Decaffeinated Black and Green teas, our Fruit & Herbal twists and our Cold Infusions range, specially designed to be blended in cold water.