Tea and Health

Benefits of tea

Tea has been enjoyed for centuries across the world for its unique, refreshing taste and health benefits.  Well, below you will find a few more things on how tea can have an impact on your health and the benefits you might get from have a daily cuppa.


Tetley Cold Infusions (30 Seconds)


Sufficient water intake is needed to help prevent dehydration, which saps energy, causes fatigue and reduces concentration.

drinking tea while pregnant


If you are pregnant, you may not have to give up caffeine, but you may want to cut down its consumption.

weight loss and weight management tea

Weight Management

Tea contains no calories and fat, making it a delicious and refreshing pick if you are watching your weight.

Antioxidant and Flavonoids in tea

Antioxidant Flavonoids

The good news is that all types of black and green tea naturally contain these antioxidant flavonoids.

Is there Caffeine in tea - mobile


Fruit & Herbal infusions are made of fruits, herbs, flowers and flavourings, and are naturally caffeine free.