If you are pregnant, you may not have to give up caffeine, but you may want to cut down its consumption. The common sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, chocolate an cola. According to the NSW food authority, pregnant women should not consume more than 200mg caffeine a day*. This is equivalent to four cups of medium-strength tea or 3 cups of instant coffee or four cups of hot chocolate.

You could also explore the alternatives. Yes you read it right, alternatives! These alternatives have much less caffeine, helping you to avoid caffeine.

•   Tetley Decaf gives you the black tea flavour you love, and lots od polyphenols/flavonoids but with much less caffeine.

•   Our Tetley Twists range of fruit and herbal infusions are made up of natural fruits, herbs, flowers and natural flavours. So nary a caffeine hit in sight!

* Food safety during pregnancy, NSW Food Authority.