Chai Latte Classic

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Chai Latte Classic

Chai Latte Classic


Available in 8 sachet packs.

Where has this mug of afternoon pick-me-up been all your life? The short answer: it’s been busy blending real cinnamon, cloves and a tiny bit of ginger. It’s been finding a way to compact itself neatly into sachets. And working out the best way of releasing its creamy, somewhat spicy, flavours throughout a mug of hot water. Yep, this Tetley Chai Latte has been keeping busy, so that you can feel like you’re not.

Ingredients: Milk Solids, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Black Tea Powder (3.5%), Flavour, Vegetable Oil, Thickener (xanthan gum), Spices (cinnamon (0.7%), Ginger (0.2%), Clove, Cardamon (0.1%), Modified starch (1450)), Salt foaming agent (dipotassium phosphate).

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